Tax Returns Guide 2016 Foreign Residents

A large number of Greeks has left Greece and now permanently resides abroad due to the unfavorable economic situation in Greece. At the same time, a significant number of our compatriots have occasionally migrated abroad but still maintain assets in Greece which usually generate some income...

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Immigration Code, Social integration and further ordinances

Subject: Guidelines regarding the implementation of ordinances of paragraph 1, article 26 of the law v.4251/2014 (GG 80 A) “Immigration Code, Social integration and further ordinances”.

New fields in income tax returns of 2015

Incomes generated in 2014 are going to be taxed in accordance with new Income Tax Code - ITC (Law 4172/2013), effective since 01/01/2014. The new tax framework brings significant changes regarding the taxation of payroll and profit income, dividends, capital gains, interests etc.


Settlement of taxes due confirmed by 1st October 2014

The Circular 1245/20.11.2014, which modifies Circular 1236/07.11.2014, was released, regulating the settlement of tax liabilities due coming from taxes imposed until October 1, 2014.

Details on investments of strategic interest and residence permits

The Joint Ministerial Decision No. 53969/2014 / 22.10.2014 was released by the Deputy Ministers of Interior and Development, defining the procedure regarding the issuance of residence permits to individuals who carry out strategic investments.

Changes in the input VAT deduction process

On 30/10/2014, the General Secretary of the Public Revenue released a Decision on simplifying the process of input VAT deduction. This regulation relates to the approved warehouse-keepers of alcohol and alcoholic beverages owning more than one tax warehouses.

Greek Tax Highlights
New Tax Rates 2014 - 2015
Corporate Taxation: 26%
Dividend Tax: 0 to 10%
VAT: 6.5% | 13% | 23%
Tax on Interest: 15%
Tax on Royalties: 20%
Capital Gain Tax: 15%
47 Double Tax Treaties
IFRS or Greek GAAP